Thursday, March 09, 2006

Journalist under threat by Islamist attorneys

In Yemen a group fo 23 fanatical Islamic lawyers —talk about a lethal combination—have attacked the editor of The Yemini Observer newspaper.

The editor, Muhammad al-Assadi, had republished the Danish cartoons that have brain-dead Islamists around the world in an uproar --- well only in an uproar when told to be in an uproar.

The lawyers told the court that when the supposed prophet Mohammad was told of a woman being executed for insulting him that he approved. This is taken as a request by the scum attorneys to have the editor executed.

Attorneys for the editor say that the gang of attorneys are working with the main Islamist political power.

You know that eventually when the fundamentalist (Christian, Muslim, whatever) is drooling about their god and morality that what they really want is power. They want political power over others. They want the power to punish people, to incarcerate them, to shackle their tongues, and imprison their minds. They want the right to use the violent force of government against others. They are muggers in the name of god.


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