Thursday, March 09, 2006

Islamic bloodbath coming to Indonesia?

One of Indonesia’s leading intellectuals is warning that fundamentalist Muslims may plunge that nation into a civil war. And he saying that if they do the people of Indonesia may slaughter them.

Radical Islamists, like fascist religionists everywhere, are pushing for stricter laws regarding morality and sexuality. True, it’s hard to tell them apart from Republicans these days.

But Bambang Harymurti, editor of Tempo magazine in Indonesia, says that most Indonesians are getting sick of these people. Two provinces are threatening secession over the drive for such laws. In Bali they are worried that the new morality legislation would end with tourists being arrested for wearing bathing suits on the beach --- something which would devastate the tourist dependent economy of the island.

Harymurti says the Islamists have been constantly pushing a “moral majority” agenda and one unpleasant event my create a backlash. “[T]hey’ve created such bad will for a few years, when suddenly the tables turn, people are more than ready to basically slaughter.”

The militant Islamist group, Islamic Defenders Front, have attacked nightclubs and bar. These religious nuts have attacked women because they are travelling alone. Harymurti says he warned these groups “to be careful, because the people are quite angry with you right now.”

In 1965 Indonesians became sick of the communist groups in the country and turned on them. In that blood bath many thousands were killed. Harymurti says the same thing can happen again. Right now, he says, people are afraid because the Islamists travel in packs and are violent but if something snaps the people will “really put you in your place.”


Blogger Pirate said...

You are definately a jewel, a real nugget. Associating or attempting to equate Islamic fundlementalists with Republicans is quite a stretch for the thinking world but you seem to do it with such ease.

March 09, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Let's see how hard the Republicans make it. Ban abortion based on a fundamentalist view of the Bible. Ban gay marriage based on a fundamentalist view of the Bible. Ban stem cell research based on a fundamentalist view of the Bible. Promote censorship based on a fundamentalist view of the Bible. Push anti-science creationism in schools based on a fundamentalist view of the Bible. May I can do it with such ease because Republicans have turned their back on the limited government philosophy, embraced theocracy, and support a president who has exploded the size of government far worse than anything his Democratic opponents dreamed of doing. A man who went to war because he said God wanted it. How hard is it?

March 10, 2006

Blogger Pirate said...

yeah i'd be pissed to if i was you.

March 10, 2006


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