Monday, January 30, 2006

Conservative Christian activist defends racist killers

One of the architects of the fundamentalists coup that destroyed the Reagan/Goldwater tradition is Paul Weyrich. Weyrich is a leading light in the neanderthals that want to impose a theocratic state on the US.

Now many people have heard the excellent speech that Al Gore gave regarding the usurpations of power by the Bush regime. Of course it is true that the Clinton White House did some of the things the Bushites are doing. But two wrongs don't make a right and that Gore was wrong then doesn't mean he's wrong now. Elementary points obviously. But Paul Weyrich is upset with Gore and has penned his own version of the speech that he wanted Gore to give.

One of the things he wanted Gore to apologize for is this: "I'm sorry we listed among the hate groups, such as Nazis, the KKK, skinheads and the like, a group called Christian Identity. I don’t know anything about such a group and I’m not sure if we were trying to say that any group which paraded its Christian identity might be a problem. In any event, I know now that such a group caused no harm so I apologize and ask your forgiveness."

Please note what Weyrich is saying about the Christian Identity movement. He is saying they are not a bad group at all and that they "caused no harm". What do these Christians mean by the word "identity" in their title?

They are the offshots of the British-Israelite movement that was promoted in the US by some of the most racist, extreme Nazi types to ever darken the soil of this country. The identity part refers to race. Specifically it refers to the idea that white Christians are the true Israel of the Bible. And what of the Jews you might ask? Well, according to Identity theology they are the literal sons of Satan. Blacks are part of "the mud races" which White Christians will hold in servitude.

The founder of Christian Identity was Wesley Swift, an organizer for the Ku Klux Klan. He started the first Identity church in 1946. Other prominent leaders in the group were William Potter Gale and Richard Butler. These men were avid Jew haters and preached genocide. This blogger himself heard a Identity minister preach in person. He was dressed in a Nazi uniform (absolutely true) and had a bevy of storm troopers with him. He preached about the future Christian American where "kikes and niggers" would be slaughtered. His preferred method was to throw them alive into a tree grinding maching.

Now the original advocates of British Israelism were not antiJewish at all. They said that whites and modern Jews were both descended from the Old Testament Hebrews. But the modern Idenity movement takes the position that the Serpent in the Garden, Satan himself, had sex with Eve and his cursed off spring are the Jews. One Identity book I read said that blacks were actually animals that pre-existed the creation of man and are not even human.

Contrary to the "speech" that Weyrich wrote the Christian Identity has hurt people. It is violent and dangerous. Identity members have murdered in the name of their relgion along with committing other crimes. A Jewish radio talk show host was assassinated by Identity Christians associated with the Identity-oriented Aryan Nation. In addition Identity factions have commited crime sprees to raise funds for their racial resistance to ZOG (the Zionist Occupational Government).

Four Identity "patriots" were convinced in 1995 of a conspiracy to release ricin to kill policemen. Another Identity follower was caught with bubonic plague cultures.

A few minutes research will verify the violent, racist nature of this cult. For Weyrich to say they never harmed anyone is incredible. That he particularly picked out these Nazis to defend may well say something important about Weyrich.

Below is an illustration that one Identity church is distributing. Sure these folks are harmless.


Blogger Publius II said...

I completely agree with you. These sort of people need to be publicly condemned every chance we get. I did not hear Mr. Gore's speech myself, so I cannot comment on the actual content of it, but I agree that these "Christian Identity" people need to be included in the grouping he gave.

January 30, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

To be clear Gore's speech was about presidential usurpation of power and never mentioned these groups. Weyrich was upset about something from a decade ago and wrote a speech that the thought Gore "ought" to have given as opposed to the good one he actually gave. So Gore never mentioned these groups. These fundies are often bitter for decades over the past and that is what Weyrich is doing -- settling old scores. In this case, to try to attack Gore, Weyrich ended up calling racist killers harmless.

January 30, 2006

Blogger Publius II said...

Ah.. sorry I misunderstood. With Gore's tendancy to hang around way too long, I thought you were saying he recently gave a speech which Weyrich was commentating on. That IS odd then, that Weyrich would waste his breath. Not that odd I suppose, considering.

January 30, 2006

Blogger Snooper said...

Gore did recently give a speech and a damn good one but it wasn't about the issues Weyrich ranted about. Weyrich was ranting about something from a decade ago. And he was attacking the recent speech because Gore didn't apologize for being mean to those "Christian Identity" people. So Weyrich used the recent speech to attack Gore because the recent speech did not include an apology to the Nazis that Weyrich apparently thinks are good guys.

January 30, 2006


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