Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Safe schools violate Christian's faith

San Leandro High School (CA) wanted to get a message across to students that are gay that the high school is safe for them. A poster was designed by some students that said: “This is a safe place to be who you are.” That’s it. It didn’t say: “Hey, kids you all should be gay.” It didn’t say: “Being gay is great and lets impose” some liberal gay agenda. It only said to gay students that school was a “safe place” for them.

Of course the Christians teachers refused to put the poster up saying that it violated their religion. I’m sorry but these f....ing losers are just a bit much. How is telling kids they are safe at school a violation of their hateful, ridiculous superstition? When these Bible bigots say that message goes against their religion one can only assume that fag bashing is in keeping with their religion. Telling kids that school is not safe for them would be Christian!

Really think about this. That poster made no political statement. It did nothing more than tell kids they are safe at school and these Christians found that offensive to the monster they worship. The fact is that such people are barbarians.

The district superintendent said rightfully: “This is not about religion, sex, or a belief system. This is about educators making sure our schools are safe for our children, regardless of their sexual orientation.” And I say that teachers which can’t do that don’t deserve to be teachers.


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