Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Woman Named Bob

According to the Times of London the American Taliban is having a collective fit. You see “dem dere foreegners in Hollyweird” voted “Brokeback Mountain” as best picture of the year. Yes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave their Golden Globe award to the “gay cowboy” film.

Nothing riles the Boobus Fundustheologica quite so much as a combination of the press, foreigners and gays. The press they know is evil. It has to be. After all it reports things which cast doubt on the Bible. And if it were all that important to begin with God would have put in the Bible anyway. And since the Boobus Fundustheologica is convinced that Jesus is an American they know them there foreign types have to be of the Devil and this award proves it.

The “Concerned Women of America” are a case in point. Janice Crouse of the group argues that “media elites are proving their pet projects are more important than profit.” Hmmm! Normally the idiots at CWA would praise such selfilessness. Now if these are the “Women of America” then there is reason to be concerned. Such brainless bimbos are a blight on the female species.

First consider the absurd argument that the films that won awards should not have done so because, according to CWA, none of the films are a box office hit. Janice Crouse, the spokesbimbo for CWA said: “Brokeback Mountain has barely topped $25 million in ticket sales. If America isn’t watching these films, why are they winning awards?”

What brainless idiocy! Think of what she is actually arguing. A film should only win awards if it passes some general test of popularity. More people watch “Desperate Housewives” than watch the typical TV evangelist. Would Ms. Crouse assume that therefore “Desperate Housewives” is more worthy than some brain dead evangelist like Pat Robertson? She wouldn’t. I wouldn’t either since Pat Robertson is a brain dead evangelist even if he had the most popular show on television.

It seems that these concerned “women” believe that quality and quantity are the same thing. This is why they support spreading porn around instead of wholesome Christian films like the absurd “Left Behind” series. Porn sells a lot more at the box office than does Jesus therefor porn is good and Jesus isn’t. Or does this logic only apply when they want it to apply and not apply when inconvenient?

What this does is just show how foolish these Christians in CWA can be. Ms.Crouse claims that Brokeback Mountain “has barely topped $25 million in ticket sales.” Barely? Well if $7 million more than that then counts I guess it’s barely. The Golden Globes were just handed out and the most recent box office takings for films were out already when that happened. So Crouse either intentionally used old numbers or refused to check her facts before opening her mouth. But “Brokeback Mountain” has taken in $32,074,517 in the six weeks it has been on circuit.

And that is not bad considering that when it first opened it was in 5 theaters, in the second week it was in 26 only. Last week it was in less than 400 theaters. This week it is in almost 700. CWA wants to compare box office sales of this film to a film like Chronicles of Narnia which was in 3,225 theaters last week and started at that number when first released.

One way to ask yourself how well a film is doing is to compare the revenue per theater for the film. This is not something that is just intended to make “Brokeback Mountain” look good. It’s actually standard industry practice. But if you do that then “Brokeback Mountain” is the most popular film in the country and these concerned women would get really concerned if people knew that.

Even as “Brokeback Mountain” is seeing the number of theaters screening it increase dramatically (about 40% increase last week alone), it remains the highest revenue earner in the country on a per screen basis. It is the only film earning over $10,000 per screen per week. During the holiday weekend in the US, from Friday to Monday, the film took in over $7 million. That is half the cost of producing it in just four days. I’m not sure you can call that putting issues ahead of profit.

When “Brokeback Mountain” first was released Robert Knight, an old time antigay bigot and the real “woman” behind “Concerned Women for America” said that the film “is something that could be and should be ignored.” Obviously Ms. Crouse wasn’t listening with her tirade yesterday.

The American Taliban that runs the theocratic “Center for Reclaiming America” said: “People are talking about how much money the film has made, but it’s a limited-release film on a few screens and it’s going to flop.” Now these are the same religious nutters who have been saying Jesus was coming back for decades so their track record is not particularly good.

But since that comment was made “Brokeback” has seen the number of theaters showing it increase substantially from 5 the first week to 700 in six weeks and it still has the highest revenue per theater of any film in the United States. So much for the “flop” prediction.

Mr. Knight, the leading “woman” at “Concerned Women” made a fool of himself recently when he attacked the Barbie doll for “promoting gender confusion among children.” It appears that the Barbie website had a question on line asking children visitin ghe site if they were a girl, a boy or “I don’t know”.

Knight saw an evil conspiracy by radical homosexuals behind that. “It’s the idea that well, maybe aren’t born a particular biological sex, or they are but that shouldn’t determine their gender identity. And that’s a very big component of the homosexual activist agenda now.” Even worse Barbie is “steering girls away from the idea of womanhood as predominantly in terms of Christians serving the Lord, getting married, having kids, building a home. You don’t see any of that with Barbie -- it’s all about things.” Oh, my! I think the should bring out a Barbie that is barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, badly dressed, speaking poor English, with a miniature TV with Jerry Falwell on the screen and a Bible on the couch next to a dictionary so she can look up the hard words! That ought to inspire little girls.

Now the problem with the hysterics of this “woman” from “Concerned Women for America” is that he never bothered to actually check what happened and how it was corrected. Instead of there being a radical homosexual activist agenda there was a simple mistake. It seems the website routinely asks children their opinions on different things. As such it usually gives them three options, one of which is “I don’t know”. When the webmaster changed the question to “Are you a boy or a girl?” he merely forgot to reset the answer buttons. He was supposed to change “I don’t know” to “I don’t want to say.” In fact once the error was pointed out it was immediately corrected.

That gives you an idea as to kind of flakes you find at Concern Women for America. And if anyone is suffering from gender confusion you’d think it would be a “Concerned Woman” named Bob. And I'd like to conduct a poll. The picture at the top of this post is Janice Crouse from CWA. Now I've looked as several photos of her in different places and she consistently looks like a drag queen. What is going on at CWA? What would Jesus do?


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