Friday, January 06, 2006

Shame on the cops!

This blog reported on the arrest of anti-gay fundamentalist minister Lonnie Latham for trying to entice a male undercover police offier to engage in oral sex with the good Reverend. In that post I said: "In addition the more one digs into the issue the more apparent it is that the police were not trying to prevent prostitution but trying to entrap gay men."

Now we have this report from Associated Baptist Press saying: "A plainclothes officer investigating the complaints told police officials that, late on the evening of Jan. 3, Latham approached him at a nearby location and invited him back to another hotel--located near the Oklahoma Baptist Building--for oral sex. The pastor did not offer to exchange money for the act according to police, and thus was arrested for the lewdness charge rather than solicitation."

What utter rubbish! Now you know why the demeaning term "pigs" has been used to describe the thugs in blue. Latham is a hypocrite. But the cops are vicious. It is not illegal for two men to have sex anywhere in the US thanks to the wisdom of the Supreme Court. That upsets the authoritarian bigots in blue. So they come up with a bogus charge so that while the sex itself is not illegal the invitation to have sex is a crime! What rubbish. I hope the gay men and women of Oklahoma are armed. They can't trust these jackasses to protect them. In fact the real question is who will protect them from these uniformed idiots.

So Latham was arrested only for asking another man if he wanted to have sex! I would bet that if anyone investigates the "complaints" that the police claim to have about male prostitutes that the complaints will all be "anonymous" and no concrete evidence will exist that any member of the public had actually filed a complaint. They were not out to arrest prostitutes. They were out to arrest gay men for "lewdness" for merely asking someone if they wanted to have sex.

Not only was Latham arrested but the organized gang of criminals, known as the police, confiscated Latham's car as well. That is theft!

So here is how I see it. The cops kidnapped Latham since he committed no crime. They held him against his will and stole his care. They are nothing but typical criminals who deserve absolutely no respect.

Admitted watching authoritarians in the police force squaring off against bigoted Baptists does make it hard to decide what side to support. But when it is clear that Latham, no matter how despicable his theology, did not violate anyone's rights then the actions of the police are utterly below contempt.

Latham has resigned his position. But the cops are the ones who really ought to resign.


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