Monday, January 02, 2006

George Bush's new career

Born-again Bush has to consider a new career. He's used to one where you lie to the public and live off of huge amounts of other people's money. In addition his current job is one where you promise people miracles which never actually materialize. The "customers' (audience, voters, etc) have to be quite unintelligent to accept someone like George as a leader. Now this pretty much leaves George with just one potential post-presidential career: TV evangelist! And apparently he's been practicing.


Blogger Derreck said...

Now this one good story! Hahaha! Bush's new f*cking career. Is he becoming a bloody saint now?! I never liked him anyway, let him go to some far-away-monastery to bless and pray, and not-have-any-sex all f*cking day. Good story dude, still kindah quiet on this site isn't it? Anyway, I'll be sending my replies to your stories everytime I see to it.


February 18, 2006


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