Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Most Hated Family in America

Sometimes hate is earned. However, it must be stated that no family in America does more to horrify people about religion than these people. And they are probably converting more people to a pro-gay position than any other small group of people. Look at how they insult people who are even anti-gay accussing them of being "pro-fag". Second, what how quickly they become angry and start yelling.

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Blogger Indioheathen said...

I watched the whole thing.

Pathetic they are as usual, but entertaining.

It was good to know that four of Phelps' kids have "fallen away." Hopefully most the grandkids will too some day.

On that note, it was good in a way that the little guy got hit with the drink. That should inspire him when he's older to break away from the family cult, and I imagine whoever it was that threw the drink at him did so for that purpose.

I think the eldest grandaughter still has some hope. You could tell she was attracted to Louie. Perhaps when "gramps" dies, she and some of the other youth will be more inclined to leave.

If it's true that those whackos are spending about $200,000 a year on travel expenses alone, that means that they've probably got a lot more than that tucked away. After hearing that and viewing the interview with Phelps', I suspect he's in it for the money as well, leaching off of his own family primarily, which has paid off by being a deranged religious shock jock, so-to-speak.

April 19, 2007

Blogger GodlessZone said...

I think you might be wrong here. My theory is that Phelps uses incidents like this to his own good. The way a cult traps people is to alienate them from the outside world. By preaching the raw hatred that he does Phelps actually alienates these people from anyone around them who might be decent and kind. This traps them into the cult as the only place they feel “safe” and “accepted”. It is a typical tactic for a cult.

I suspect that people being nice to them will do more to get these young people out of his clutches. I would never justify throwing something at a child. And I doubt they were trying to hit the kid. I think at the speed they were traveling they just threw and the kid was the one that got hit. It wasn’t meant to hurt just humiliate. If they meant to hurt it would have been a rock not a paper cup with cold drink.

But the real story there was they hypocrisy. Phelp’s and his cult are nutty Calvinists of the most extreme type. They say everything that happens is God’s doing. The people in Virginia were killed because God wanted them killed and bad things happened to them because they wouldn’t believe in Phelps and his demented gospel. Yet when a relatively minor bad thing happens to them they go on about how “could someone do something like that”. Who is the someone?

All of a sudden it is people who do these things. Shot a room full of students and it’s God sending judgment. Throw a cup with cold drink in it and it’s you doing it and has nothing to do with God. In their religion, if they are consistent, then God willed the cup to be thrown and wanted the child hit with it. As they have said, when bad things happen their rejoice, except when they happen to them.

April 20, 2007


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