Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Strange bedfellows.

Johan Norberg has an interesting comment on his blog regarding how the Left in Sweden is showering money on radical Islamists. Of course that is true in much of Europe. He notes that in return for the funds "Imams say in the Mosque that Muslims should vote for the Christian Social Democrats." Actually Norberg is reporting on a report in a Swedish publication but I can't read Swedism so a good thing he writes English.

He notes one Christian Social Democrat saying "that there is common ground between democratic socialists and these Muslim groups, since the latter follow teachings from Sayyid Qutb, who Johansson saw as a spokesman for some sort of Muslim social justice and welfare state." Norberg notes that Qutb "was a totalitarian Islamist who believed in the Shariah, censorship and the end of separation between state and religion, and he was influenced by European fascists, like Alexis Carrel."

Socialism may sound good if you don't think about it but it essentially totalitarian in nature. You can't have state control of the economy as the economy is only the actions of people. To control the economy you must control people and that is totalitarianism. So it is no surprise to find these people allied with radical Islamists who want to destroy freedom as well.


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