Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dan Brown's kettle attacked by Church's pot

The Council of Churches in Jordan have come out of the closet as intolerant haters of freedom. They are demanding that the Jordanian government ban the movie The Da Vinci Code because "it directly harms Jesus." What a wimp this Jesus bloke must be.

Certainly an all-powerful deity in human form couldn't be harmed by a film like this. What the Council means is that they are offended and want to use the strong arm of the state to bash anyone who offends them. The Vatican, now headed by a former member of Hitler Youth, has also attacked the film saying it can lead people away from the church. They are asking Catholics to boycott the film. Normally such campaigns lead to greater audiences.

In Australia the Anglicans are spending $50,000 for advertising attacking the film. They say the ads are too tell the truth about Jesus. I doubt that. The fact is that we don't know the truth about Jesus as we have no valid, reliable source regarding him, his life and his teachings. The New Testament is not valid or reliable and mingles fantasy, with theory, with lies, with exaggeration and so on. If the churches wish to debate the historicity of Christ then so be it but they are better off sticking to faith and leaving fact out of the picture. When facts come in the door faith flies out the window. And Jesus just doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

Both the New Testament and Dan Brown's book are fiction. The main difference is that Brown's book is more entertaining and a better read. The problem is that people sometimes take fiction to be fact. That is a mistake whether dealing with the nonsense in Brown's book or the nonsense in the New Testament.


Blogger Derreck said...

Well, I think it isn't Jesus who has a problem with Dan Brown, He's been dead for over 2000 years now. I think it is the church that wants to think that Jesus was offended by Dan Brown's brain child. Unfortunately people go to church where they think they are tought about Christianity (which is what the church once was meant to do) but are now influenced, and mere sheep to some guy-in-a-robe's words, telling them to find mr. Brown a very, very naughty boy. If you're unfortunate it's even a Catholic church.

I do think you're wrong when you say the NT is all fiction. But that may be because of my beliefs. I do agree that it is one big pile of crap, fantasy, and even more crap, with a little history in it. The OT is where the fantasy is the greatest. I always enjoy reading Genesis, an ancient, dead, man's fantasy about how he thought the world was formed.

May 07, 2006

Blogger Aaaaatheist said...

Read "Angels and Demons", its even more gripping.

May 07, 2006


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