Sunday, February 04, 2007

These people really, really are insane.

I have previously discussed the Christianists at World Net Daily. These people are seriously demented. These were the lunatics that were pushing the idea that eating soy will turn you gay. One of their insane editors, Mary Jo Anderson, was debating their favorite issue -- the evils of homosexuals. Who would they bash in a world without gays?

Anderson argues that homosexuality really doesn’t exist. Gay people aren’t gay they are just confused (and I thought it was eating too much soy). She’s imbibed all the current chic fundamentalist bullshit. Gays are merely people “who struggle with same-sex attraction”. Just like she struggles with irrationality. As she sees it gays are alcoholic, depressed, suicidal, diseases, child molesting spouse abusers. Gay people making love are “sterile and life threatening. They are irrational--they literally have no meant and make no sense to nature. Thus, such acts are unnatural.” Wow! They also kill Christian babies at Passover and use their blood to make matzoh. Actually I may be confusing Anderson with Julius Streicher. As far as i can tell Streicher didn’t look as insane.

If you are what you eat then Anderson eats tons and tons of nuts -- all kinds of nuts. She asserts “there are no inherently homosexual people; rather there are people with same-sex attraction” which is a “developmental misstep” “during the toddler years”. Someone was toddling all right but I suspect it was gin in a bottle. And to prove she is correct she rushes to the absurd and dishonest “exgay” Christianist movement. These are people who tout as “cured” someone who has numerous heterosexual experiences, is attracted to women but who on a brief occasion had a gay experience. Then when that person never repeats the brief gay experience and continues with his dominant patter of sexuality he is proclaimed “changed” and “exgay”. Or they tell us about “exgays” who later turn out to be only dishonest. But to Anderson the believer this is proof. In the mind of the theologically inclined I am sure it is proof. In a rational world it is bullshit.

Anderson has never seen a god. She has no proof that one exists. But she believes one exists. She has meet gay people. In fact this exchange was in a debate with one. Yet she argues they don’t exist. Reading the Bible and believing it will make a mind so weak it will fall for anything.

For those who don't know Anderson also claims that the forged Shroud of Turin is real! Not only that but she informs us that Jesus had blood type AB. I told you these people will believe anything. But this is a woman who worships a virgin who gave birth to God.

I appreciate Independent Gay Forum for bringing this debate to my attention. It confirms my belief that these people are seriously deranged. They also quoted another very strange argument from another Religious Right publication. In this article some Right-wing kook laments the difficulty of being “chaste on college campus.

Now here is an ostensibly heterosexual young man at his sexual peak. Sure it is difficult to remain chaste. (I really wish most fundamentalists would remain chaste their whole life and stop inflicting their dementia on children.) But this author says that it is getting more and more difficult to stay a virgin. And who is to blame?

Okay, you know where I’m going. You know these people are obsessed with homosexuals. So the answer is gays of course. “If you haven't been a university student for a while, think back to what the sexual climate on campus was like when you were in college. Now imagine what it's like with official university LGBT offices pushing for same-sex marriage and gay rights. ...”

I read the short piece that contained this statement. No where is it explained. He just merely asserts that it is now more difficult to remain a virgin because gay people want to have legal marriages! Sure, you see one gay wedding and the next thing you know you are out there screwing every girl you find!

What kind of logic is this? The more I listen to these people the more I conclude they aren’t simple dumb or irrational. They are insane. That sort of logic doesn’t make any sense. But like the insane have their own system of logic so to does the Christianist. I really would love to know precisely how it is that gay marriage forces straights to surrender their virginity. The answer will be absolutely priceless.

Our photo this week is Mary Jo the nut. Trust me this woman shouldn't get anywhere near a squirrel. They would just see her as one giant dinner.


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